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The Seek Compact thermal imagers come in two models, and each is available for both iOS and Android. Both models feature adjustable focus and can detect temperatures ranging from -4C all the way up to 330C, or -40F up to 626F.  A Seek Compact imager lets the user see differences in heat to better identify objects when natural vision can't.  Heat can't hide, even in the dark.  With a Seek Compact imager connected to your compatible mobile device, you can see heat as well.  Simply download the companion app from the Apple or Google Play app stores, plug in your camera and you are ready to see the unseen. When you first launch the app you will see a few helpful tip screens to give you an idea where everything is.  The SETTINGS menu is on the top left, Thermal+ is on the top right, media gallery is on the bottom left, Thermal Modes options are on the lower right, and all your camera controls are along the bottom center.To take a picture or video of the thermal image you are viewing simply select the camera mode you want and tap the big round button at the bottom of the screen (or side if your phone is horizontal). Any images or videos you take can be reviewed by visiting the media gallery, which can be accessed through the button next to the photo camera icon.  


Built for the realities of work and play, the Seek Reveal handheld advanced thermal imaging camera combines thermography insight and a high-performance 300 Lumen LED light in one durable device. With a detectable energy range of -40° to 626°F (-40° to 330°C), Reveal lets you pinpoint and measure specific sources of heat—and heat loss—up to 500 feet away, at just the touch of a button.

Whether you’re a plumber searching for a clog, an electrician checking for a hotspot, a homeowner looking for peace of mind, or a hunter retrieving or nding game, Seek Reveal delivers the thermal insight and illumination you need to nd, x, and feel safe faster.

  • See more, and know more—from the palm of your hand. With it’s ergonomic grip and angled display, Reveal lets you focus on what’s in front of you—without losing clear sight of what’s around you.
  • State-of-the-art technology, tough enough for the toolbox. Life can get pretty dirty, so Seek Reveal can, too. You can count on its rugged, rubberized casing and intuitive controls to go and work where you do—no matter what conditions you face.
  • See through the dark. Light optional. Reveal’s advanced infrared technology lets you see thermal images even in the darkest night. This device does not rely on any ambient light for viewability. And when you need it, Reveal’s powerful 300-lumen LED light makes sure you know exactly what’s out there.
  • Use Reveal to your advantage. Reveal’s customizable settings let you choose from dozens of preferences, including image settings, light levels, power usage, and more.
  • Store, transfer, and share your images: Reveal makes it simple. Reveal’s integrated USB connectivity allows you to quickly and easily transfer the thermal images you capture directly to your computer. Keep a record of your discoveries—and share them with the world.



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Binoculars - Observation of distant objects with the aid of optical devices has always been a popular hobby. Binoculars, because of their simplicity and universality, have become one of the most beloved optical instrument for that purpose. This section contains information on Levenhuk binoculars, perfectly suited to any kind of environment.


PM1208M.  This Operating Manual is intended to describe the design, operation and use of wrist gamma dosimeter (hereinafter referred to as dosimeter). The Operating Manual includes the general description, specifications of the dosimeter, instructions for the use of the dosimeter, maintenance recommendations, as well as some other information necessary for the proper operation of the dosimeter and a full realization of its possibilities.  

Electronic Personal Dosimeter POLISMART®II

The Electronic Personal Dosimeter PM1904A POLISMART®II is designed to continuously measuring of the personal Dose Equivalent (DE) and personal Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) of gamma radiation and compares those measurements to the preset thresholds. In the event that thresholds are exceeded, PM1904A alerts the user with flashing light signals and audible alarms indicating that a radiation source is nearby or a critical dose has been accumulated. Users do not need to be experts in health physics to operate this instrument; however, an understanding of basic principles of ionizing radiation is desirable for proper operation. PM1904A exchanges data with your mobile device in real time via Bluetooth 4.0 LE wireless connection.  A mobile app for POLISMART® is available for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch (iOS) and for AndroidTM mobile devices and can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or from Google playTM. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the App Store logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android and the Google play logos are trademarks of Google Inc. POLISMART is a registered trademark of Polimaster Ltd. 

 dosimeter PM1208M 

Electronic Personal Dosimeter